We Might be a Small Community but we do Have Things Happening

Right at this time we do not have a lot happening other than our 100th birthday of Chemult in 2026. Please watch our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Chemult, for up-to-date information on that event as well as Chemult history.

The projects below may get done one at a time and some may run concurrently.

Project 1. Finish our Community's Park

This project has been in the works for far too long. We have the goal of getting it completed in the very next few years. What can delay this happening are grants. Grants do take a long time to obtain, so hopefully this will go quickly.

Chemult Visitors Center.jpg
Project 2. Have a Visitor's Center

We have plans to turn what was to be the waiting place for those traveling on Amtrak to wait into a Visitor's Center. Since the original plans did not work, we have talked to the county and they think that is a good idea, that way the building is not going to waste.

Chemult Library 9-2015 2.jpg
Project 3. Library Yard and general Maintenance

The yard at the Library has been let go for a long time, so we are going to be working at getting that fixed up this summer. And the building it self has a few areas that need to be taken care of, so that is another project that must be done asap.